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In these challenging times, so many people are feeling stuck, sick, and unfulfilled.

I am a Self Transformational Coach and an experienced spiritual healer; I will take you through a process of healing and self transformation and, as a result, you will find more peace, happiness, and fulfillment. You have the power to transform your life and thrive, start NOW


The problem is that people may be achieving their goals, and yet not feeling happy, people need a different perspective and approach to breakthrough and trigger the change they seek and need in their lives. With my over 30 years of experience, I can help them regain their peace of mind, find their purpose, and tap into the power of their hearts and energy. Join me, and you will start a journey within your self to build a new and sustainable vision for your life, one that resembles who you truly are. I offer you different approaches to help you craft your self and I will guide you as you tap into your power and transform your life, your health, and your overall wellbeing.

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"Alejandra helped me to dive inward on a journey of pleasant experiences and explorative opportunities to experience meditation/yoga classes in a whole brand new way. Would highly recommend if you are seeking an opportunity to look inward and upward. She helps me to elevate into the person I’ve always hoped I’d one day become. Each participant was kind hearted+kindred spirits all providing only support, smiles & an open heart."


"Meditation with Alejandra is an amazing journey and one that can only be experienced in a group setting. This is my holy place! The class was kept very small and distant, plus the staff carried through all of the required covid criteria and made a safe environment for all."


"I was introduced to Alejandra a year ago by a friend and have made her a staple in my spiritual practice. I immediately felt connected to her and genuine interest in the work she does. In a world where spirituality is Beijing more trendy and the cool thing to do she’s the real deal. Do yourself a favor and visit Malibu Meditations you won’t regret it."


"Always a beautiful experience with this deep and present teacher... the guided meditation is a little different every week, yet always profound and I feel wonderful afterward. The space is beautiful and the energy uplifting. Thank you!"

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