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Malibu Meditations


A Biohacked Wellness Studio for

Meditation, Breathwork, Healing, Sound,and Yoga

Malibu Meditation’s JOURNEY  is a place of wellness and meditation. It is a place to heal, to restore, to regenerate and to rest.


JOURNEY is a place for the community, for the self, and for the soul. It is a place for the healing music and healing arts—all kind of arts. 

The Yoga and healing room have been converted into a Faraday haven, free of harming EMFs and stressful, damaging waves. Maybe the first of its kind in most of the United States. 

Malibu Meditations' Journey is located in Malibu, California, one of the most beautiful places on Earth, more specifically in the Trancas Canyon Market by Malibu West.


When you come to the studio you are just a few feet from the ocean and in a secluded and sacred land for the Chumash natives. Surrounded by the flowers of Sea Lilly and the plants of the nursery at Trancas, Journey is the first dedicated space in Malibu specifically to meditations, offering additionally several healing and yoga modalities. It is meant to become the heart of Trancas, the heart of Malibu.

Journey a place to honor , your Inner Self, your Soul, Spirit, and Mother Earth. is a sanctuary to honor life stages through different ceremonies and life passages rituals and celebration. It is a place to grow and to grow together. 


JOURNEY takes advantage of the inherent energy of Malibu as a vortex of energy for the more wholistic development of the self. 

Malibu Meditations Journey was a dream of mine. I dreamed to create a place where people can feel safe and at ease.

A place that's 

energetically clean with little to no outside interference. A place to heal. A place to grow. A place to help people on their Journeys. A place of love.

Come join us.


"I cannot say enough praise for this beautiful sanctuary. Hands down my most favorite meditation wellness spot that I’ve been to. The energy in and around Journey leaves me filled up with such peace and happiness. Alejandra is truly one of kind and all the other people teaching classes (and the attendees) are so genuine and good hearted. Her New Moon ceremonies are out of this world and so carefully curated to the smallest of details. You can tell how much heart and love is put into this space! "

"This place it’s sacred. It is a place where like minded individuals come together to grow in their spiritual path and find healing. Alejandra has created a space where it is safe to feel grounded. She has so much knowledge and Wisdom to share, but the way she delivers the message its admirable. She is true to her roots and teachings that come through the meditation & her healing sessions. I am Very grateful to have found this place. It is definitely a place where you will connect with your soul."
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