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Feeling Emotional? Harvest Full Moon is coming in strong

The upcoming full moon tonight is the Harvest Moon, setting stage for the last few days of Summer. The bad news is that Summer is almost over, and it certainly feels like a different summer, it's not been the usual as a result of the pandemic. The good news is, we got more summery days ahead of us as we keep on moving forward. Changing seasons, just like the changing phases of the moon, open space for us to ponder about the changes of life and how we flow through them. 

The moon will reach its fullest on September 1st at 10:22pm PT. You may have felt strong energies, an intensity about the day, emotions are swirling as we were approaching this full moon, and with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces, this is what we are looking forward to: 

With Sun in Virgo, in addition to emotions swirling, and the questions raised when we are put in front of what we need to let go of, we are looking at powerful manifestation moon, magic is in the air. With a grand Earth Trine (Sun in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus, and Jupiter in Capricorn) we have very fertile soul: you better be sending out some powerful intentions, as earthy signs are all about manifestation.But before you manifest, before you bring new energies into your life, it is important to open new spaces to allow fresh energy in. This is when Pisces becomes helpful, as it is allowing you to release attachments, used up energies, old patterns of behaviors, and its creating an avenue for you to reach higher spiritual realms, deeper connection to your Higher Self.

For miracles to happen, you must be a conduit to it: how would you prepare yourself to be the conduit? What can you let go off? What do you need to heal? What are the areas of your life that you have a tight grip and must let go of? 

Release the past, release the fears, allow for the new... DREAM ...

Check on the next blog on things you can do to celebrate the full moon and take advantage of its energies. 

NAMASTE & God Bless!


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