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Light up, light up...

In difficult moment we have the choice to light up and to agree with the light.

“Light up, Light up... as if you have a choice” Life is a continuation of choices we make or avoid making, but at all points we must aim to the light when making these choices.

Of course, that’s easier said than done when our vehicles, astral/emotional, mental, physical-yes we have more than one vehicle or body- have such a strong hold on us.

With practicing awareness and inner reflections I’ve found myself being able to gain control over my bodies and gain back the rains. I was told once, in one of those life defining moments “this is a battle that “only you can fight for yourself and win for yourself. You have to stop agreeing with this darkness and must agree with the light. Agree with love. Don’t agree with sadness or pain. Agree with Light and Love” and as I repeated it, over and over, I saw the morning light show its first signs and gained my strength back and won over the darkness that in that moment seemed to be trying to enchant me into a deep sadness – it changed me forever.

It was the tangible realization that we do have a choice. That we are the captains and the masters of our ship, that we are the choice, and we are the Light.

Since then, those words became a mantra that I hope I can always remember:

</i>“I agree with Light and Love” </i>

💫 Do you?

PC: @furstset

top of the mountain handstand during sunrise

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